Four Head Corner Crimping Line

Frame manufacturing system designed for optimum production flow for corner crimping process of aluminum frames and related work transitions.

The system consists of the following modules:

1. Assembly Table: M.T.

2. Corner Crimping Machine: E.V.A.




  • M.T. Assembly Table
  The table consists of a fixed and a movable bar in rugged welded construction, each with profile support and conveyor belt. The front bar has a bearing surface for the frame to align the corner crimper. The rear bar moves to the entered frame size. The frame dimensions are entered via barcode reader (option) or via control display of corner crimper EVA. On the frame, there is a shelf with stack of boxes, in which the required corner cleats, seals, tools and materials for brushing on the miter can be stored. After the operator finished mating and alignment of frame profiles, following the start signal on the control panel, frame is automatically transported in the corner crimper EVA with the conveyor belts.  
  • E.V.A. Corner Crimper
  The E.V.A is designed for fully automatic corner crimping of all 4 corners in a single pass while the aluminum window frame is being transported horizontally. It consists of a base frame and the carriers of punching units. One of the punching units is fixed and the others can be moved depending on the width and length of the frame. The punching unit consists of the punching heads with knife seat, position sensor and hold-downs. For the corner crimping, the punching units move to the frame, center it using the position sensors and the punch. Punching heads motion system consists of precision linear guides, bearings and ball screw mechanism for X axis, rack and pinion mechanism for Y axis. The plant is operated from the control panel ahead of E.V.A. The following data must be entered: Profile number , length and width of the frame , flap dimensions , probe position , number of frames. As an option, these data can be transferred via barcode reader to the controller. High precision and reliability is ensured thanks to the high quality machine components, experience and advanced crimping techniques of Pressta.