GIARDINA ROBOTECH GS25V | Vertical Spraying Robot


Vertical Spraying Robot for Assembled PVC Window Frames

Robotech GS25 is the answer to all needs concerning high operative flexibility and high finishing quality. Thanks to its easy and quick programming options, the Robotech GS25 can reproduce the finishing sequences entered by the operator to the specifications on any type of work piece, no matter how complex it is. Robotech GS25 is ideal for high finishing quality, both with mat and with glossy paints.


  • • Conveyor chain with hooks for frames
  • • Work plane 1300 mm or 1600 mm x 3500 mm
  • • Pressurization unit to alter and heat the inlet air. Upon request, this unit can be equipped with a humidifier or air conditioning system
  • • CNC controlled robotic arm operating on 6 axes driven by brushless motors
  • • Robotic-three standard head, equipped with 3 spray guns (2 for the surface and 1 for the edges)
  • • CNC control unit. Robotech GS25 is controlled by an industrial PC equipped with touch-screen for machine- operator interfacing. The program includes all finishing sequences (EDGE – SURFACE) according to the type of pieces to be coated and can be created by the operator in an easy and intuitive way, thanks to the visual management of the data. Once the program has been stored, it can be recalled manually using the PC keyboard or automatically by means of bar codes or chips (RFID). An optic bar is also placed on the Robotech GS25 input side to read the form and dimension of the pieces to be coated; data is then converted through the control PC into the finishing sequence created by the operator. The machine is also equipped with a remote keyboard for possible checks or maintenance operations
  • • Automatic spray gun cleaning retraction device. This intervention can be programmed on CNC
  • • Optional Robotic-four head, equipped with 4 spray guns (for reciprocation spray-coating) Their replacement can be done manually or automatically
  • • Optional Robotic-five head, equipped with 5 spray guns potentially able to operate simultaneously, according to the coating requirements, just like the three or four spray-gun versions
  • • Automatic head change system
  • • Quick colour change system