GIARDINA GP-JET-GL | Drying Tunnel
  • • The transport is made through metal or ceramic rollers covered with fibreglass with a conical couple conveying system in oil bath which allows an easy and rapid maintenance.
  • • Electronic synchronization of the dryer speed to the application system.
  • • The drying is made through a mix of High Speed Hot Air and IR Lamps. It is controlled with an electronic device which permits a notable energy saving through a “real time” power supply and through the air recirculation system.
  • • The hot air distribution system, along with an anti- condensation device, permits a uniform drying on the whole working width.
  • • Possibility to adjust the lamp power and the air speed, depending on the applied lacquer and the running speed.
  • • Models available with drying temperatures from 180°C to 380°C (ap- prox. 356°F - 716°F). Work- ing width: 1300, 1800, 2200 and 2500 mm (approx. 51 inch.-70”-86”-98”).