GIARDINA DUALTECH | Reciprocating Spray Machines
  • • Spraying system by the reciprocating action of two heads with 2 + 2 spray guns (Different configurations available)
  • • Synthetic anti-static, self-guided, special recovery belt
  • • Possibility to use paper belt conveyor
  • • Giardina’s exclusive “wet on wet” conveyor belt cleaning system without abrasive action (patent pending).
  • • Total recovery of lacquer deposited on the belt without any “solvent” contamination, for recycling/re-use of coating material, when permitted by the coating.
  • • Machine structure engineered for quick change of the endless synthetic conveyor belt.
  • • Unwinding removable roller, 300mm diameter, mounted on easily extractable unit.
  • • “Dual-Fast” quick change system for multiple spray head configuration (optional)
  • • Suction of the over-spray by means of a centrifugal fan and 2 suction cells, disposal of the lacquer particles through the double paper filtering system Upon request: extractible suction cells for quick filter replacement.