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Stop waste, start save with Mappi


Company is located 70km south east of Rome, Italy. Since 1993, Mappi International team has been manufacturing tempering furnaces for glass industry with high focus on advanced engineering in thermal efficiency. Today, Mappi International manufactures tempering ovens that offer unmatched energy efficiency and perfect tempering results for all kinds and dimensions of glasses, helping businesses not only to produce best tempered glass but also to save money.

Key of the process is the capability to manage both the heat and the air flows on the glass surface in the best possible way. The latest ATS 4.0 is capable to manage separately the air distribution in lower and upper heating chamber as well as modulate the pressure of the air in single areas.

Typically the tempering furnaces are the biggest energy consumers in glass shops. Power requirements can go over MW levels and they run longer then other equipments due to the slow nature of the process. Consequently, with a

well engineered oven, savings can be significant. Depending on the provincial or federal regulations, grants may be available for businesses that replace their old equipment with more energy efficient ones.

Mappi International also produce PVB and EVA laminating ovens.