Curved or flat glass lamination for automotive, architectural, safety, and special glass applications


  • • Maroso S.r.l is a well-established company specialized in Autoclaves since 1969
  • • Besides Autoclaves, Maroso is capable to supply also PVB lay up rooms to compliment the lamination lines
  • • Maroso is also capable to supply all auxiliary equipment such as steam generators, cooling towers, compressors, vacuum stations and material loading/unloading systems
  • • Technologically advanced materials and components, quality workmanship and lower operational costs are typical Maraoso Autoclave features
  • • CE, PED and ASME certifications
  • • Flag door opening system
  • • Structural design and dimensioning based on customer parameters such as material, temperature and pressure
  • • Computer aided thermodynamic analysis in order to achieve the best thermal uniformity and optimum heat transfer performance
  • • Depending on the customer needs, Maroso offers basic or sophisticated data management systems that can be integrated with 3rd party supervision and statistic systems