GFP GTS SERIES | Float Glass Cutting Tables


Float Glass Cutting Tables

GTS CNC controlled glass cutting tables have been designed for automatic curved shape or linear cut of float glass. Laminated glass cutting is also possible by performing the cut on the top side, breakout, flip the glass upside down and cut the other side in a mirrored cutting process

Customization of the cutting pressures, speed and times that can be saved for each glass type in the operator’s interface allow GTS to be able to process great variety of glass type and thicknesses. With GTS, you can cut regular glass, Low-E coated, frosted, satin and acid etched, safety mirrors and laminated glass with double-side cutting process.

The GTS features as standard both the glass sheet mechanical reference stops and the optical glass detector. The optical glass detector is also used to do digital templating of plywood or corrugated paper shapes and convert them in digital.


  • • Float and laminated glass shape cutting
  • • Safety mirror cutting with a special tool
  • • Vinyl cutting by special tool for sandblasted plastics as on imported designs
  • • Proportional valve for cutting pressure automatic adjustment
  • • Automatic cut lubrication during cutting with special evaporable oil suitable for all kinds of glass (Low-E, etched, acid glass ect)
  • • Laser-scanner for automatic detection of the pre-cut shapes of paper, carton, wood or glass; electronic glass sheet alignment and pieces measurement by included CAD system special for shapes
  • • Double zero system for laminated glass specular cutting: mechanical by precision clips or electronic by laser detector
  • • Table top lifting by means of hydraulic cylinders with integrated anti fall safety device
  • • Sheet detachment device activated in vertical position that allows to grab a sheet by tongs, during both loading and rotation of laminated glass sheet
  • • Powerful air cushion to ease glass handling with immediate stop of air flow when blowers are turned off for sheet positioning
  • • Motorized belts for glass sheet transportation with variable speed controlled by inverter (depending on the model)
  • • Automatic reset on rollers after receiving the sheet from a loader in horizontal position (depending on the model)
  • • Main electrical panel is easily accessible and well placed inside the machine
  • • Small footprint control console can be positioned at operator's choice
  • • GFP advanced interface including basic optimizer. You can control cut optimizations of the sheets in stock managed by software
  • • Remote Internet assistance
  • • Safety devices in conformity with EC Directive
  • • Low-E glass coating edge removing tool for simultaneous sheet cutting and automatic edge deletion
  • • Breakout bars (by the model)
  • • Advanced optimizer for laminated glass cutting