BEST BWR | Glass Washing Machine With Roller Press


Glass Washing Machine With Roller Press

It is used for washing, drying glasses, manual assembling and pressing between rollers.


  • • High performance provided by 7,5 kW electric spindle (S1) and 12 position tool magazine make possible to diversify working with great flexibility
  • • Axes slide on precision profile guides with ball screw and are driven by servo motors operated by state of the art servo-drive systems
  • • Work piece clamp bars slide on precision linear guide rails
  • • Working area can be divided in two zones so that two separate working stations can be utilized
  • • By using the disc cutter, it is possible to carry out end-milling operations on both the ends of the work piece (end-milling cycle)
  • • Milling operations are performed with linear and circular interpolation of the X-Y-Z axes
  • • Pneumatically operated flip type length stops
  • • Tool magazine is mounted on the mobile upright beam and travels with it. This allows a quick tool change operation during machining
  • • Tool cooling is done through a central system that optimises the required lubrication
  • • All slide ways and ball screws are lubricated through an automatic central lubrication system
  • • A set of chip collector bins - standard
  • • Optional motorized chip conveyor