BEST BWPL XL | Glass Washing And Combining Line


Glass Washing And Combining Line For Oversize Units

It is used for washing, drying glasses, automatic assembling and pressing with servo system.


  • • Control of the whole line from one screen
  • • Ability of working manually
  • • Special design for conveyor wheels to move heavy glasses
  • • Brush shafts are balanced against vibration
  • • Individual spindles for each brushes
  • • First brush can be moved back meanwhile processing coated(low-e)glasses
  • • Self adjustment system for glass thickness (max. 19 mm)
  • • Easy cleanable water nozzles are positioned with a wide angle for drag effect
  • • Wiper rubbers and brushes between sections in the washing unit
  • • Water level control with magnetic safety sensors
  • • Automatic water support system with float control
  • • Stainless water filters
  • • Valve system for energy saving when there is no glass in the drying unit
  • • Stopping of spindles and pumps when there is no glass in the washing unit
  • • Conveyor system without touching to side carrier wheels at drying section
  • • Drying unit with noise isolation and fan cabinet with temperature control
  • • Outlet conveyor system with variable speed
  • • eight and depth adjustable side and lower supporters at spacer bar assembling unit
  • • Movement of 3 individual servo motor driven axes ( reference point positioning, level adjusting, assembling )
  • • Ability of manufacturing double and triple glasses automatically
  • • Ability of assembling IG units which are wider than the press unit
  • • Special anti static and resistant against corrosion laminated dustproof cover over the press unit
  • • Air-cushion system at beside of press unit
  • • Thickness control of combined IG unit from four point with high accuracy screwed shafts
  • • Automatically adjustable press power and vacuum layer system according to glass size
  • • Spacer bar assembling unit with height and depth adjustment
  • • 40 cm clearance between panels for maintenance
  • • Tilting table at the end of pres unit
  • • High productivity with horizontal conveyor table and rotary table for end of conveyor.
  • • Additional racks
  • • Water purification unit
  • • Sand filter unit with 25 micron accuracy
  • • Washing unit is completely made of stainless steel
  • • Ø 200 mm diameter coil type brushes
  • • First brush can be moved back meanwhile processing coated(low-e)glasses
  • • Position of front brushes and dryer nozzle are adjustable according to glass thickness(3-40)
  • • Supporters at downside of front moving side of pres unit.
  • • Servo motor controlled spacer bar assembly unit for triple facade unit production.