BEST BLA2 | Cross-Belt Type Vertical Arrising Machine


Cross-Belt Type Vertical Arrising Machine

BLA2 designed and produced to remove sharpness and process burred edges of glass before glazing and tempering process. BLA2 is an effective and mass productive solution against small and labor dependent machines.


  • • Machine has 9 servo motor driven axes providing
  •     • Precise control of height
  •     • Fast and precise positioning of vertically moving arrising heads processing top, front and rear edges of glass
  •     • Accurate control of positioning glass at horizontal axis not to cause any collision
  •     • Precise depth control
  • • Main unit is made of treated and electrostatically painted stainless steel
  • • Welded and rigid body design guarantees long-lasting lifetime of machine
  • • Arrising heads are equipped with cross belt system with water supplement to remove small carbon, diamond or glass particles occurred in process.
  • • Arrising heads are individually adjustable for different pressures to create different chamfering width
  • • User friendly control system designed by BEST MAKINA software engineers in-house
  • • BLA2 can be connected to any IG lines or vertical washer
  • • Stainless steel and open chamber pumps are installed to resist abrasive particles.
  • • Self cleaning function to keep process area free of residues