GFP GTM SERIES | Float Glass Cutting Table
  • • Straight cutting of float and laminated glass by bridge and carriage manually controlled
  • • Manual control of table top lifting / lowering and 90° rotation
  • • Screens for reading X, Y values
  • • Vinyl cutting by special tool
  • • Safety mirror cutting by a special tool
  • • Automatic cut lubrication during cutting with special evaporable oil suitable for all kinds of glass (Low-E, etched, frosted glass ect)
  • • Mechanical double zero system for laminated glass specular cutting by precision clips
  • • Table top lifting by means of hydraulic cylinders with integrated anti fall safety device
  • • Sheet detachment device activated in vertical position that allows to grab a sheet by tongs, during both loading and rotation of laminated glass sheet
  • • Powerful air cushion to ease glass handling with immediate stop of air flow at blowers off for correct sheet positioning
  • • Breakout bars
  • • Main electrical panel easily accessible and well placed inside the machine
  • • Safety devices comply with EC Directive
  • • Low-E glass coating edge removing tool for simultaneous sheet cutting and automatic edge deletion